Lauren Elizabeth Baba

| violin | viola | composer | improviser |


Live video from Blue Whale in Los Angeles, August 2016. Featuring Lauren Baba (violin), Andrew Conrad (clarinet), Ryan Parrish (kaval), Max Whipple (accordion), Yunus Iyriboz (oud), Max Kutner (guitar), Rusty Kennedy (bass), Dan Ogrodnik (percussion) and Chris Wabich (drums).

Ya-Ya is a Los Angeles based acoustic/electric ensemble lead by violinist and arranger Lauren Elizabeth Baba.  Playing traditional folk music from the Balkans (predominately Greece, Bulgaria, and Macedonia), the ensemble finds a sound of their own by drawing from a wide range of influences from jazz to rock to Klezmer while paying homage to the traditional folk music of the Balkan regions; a hodgepodge of cacophonous melodies and boisterous rhythms. An ensemble of rotating musicians who originally met at the California Institute of the Arts in 2011, Ya-Ya features the sounds of the violin, clarinet, kaval, accordion, oud, guitar, bass and percussion.


Ya-Ya has collaborated with Source Material Collective's interdisciplinary theater production "I Should Have a Party For All The Thoughts I Didn't Say" since 2014; with Lauren Baba as music director.  Performances and tours include Blue Whale (Los Angeles, CA), The Old Church (Portland, OR), Pieter Space (Los Angeles, CA), Alexandria Hotel (Los Angeles, CA), and AvLA // Avant-Los Angeles Series at Club Monte Cristo (Los Angeles, CA).

"The choreography, music, and acting that ensues carries on this theme of a bizarre reality where the invisible, the repressed, and the denied live." - Sean Ongley at THRU Media


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